Spatial data collection and management in an Engineering world changing


Then and now

From the era of the pioneers of our country to the current day, Pinkas Group has been proud to be a part of the development of the State of Israel, and to take a leading role in bringing the fields of civil engineering and real estate into the Construction Tech era.

In a rapidly changing world, Pinkas Group, with its enduring and dominant presence in the field, provides entrepreneurs and planners with a reliable, accurate view of the world and provides a variety of tools to make informed decisions in the world of engineering and business.

The Vision of Pinkas Group

Pinkas Group has a reputation for 75 years of excellence and engraved on her flag professionalism, reliability, accuracy of information along with influential role of women in the company.

Our employees are the source of our strength, rendering personalized and professional service.

Every client represents a partner on a journey to create a successful and leading project.

Our company promotes technological thinking, a culture of curiosity, allowing employees to grow and spread their wings, while investing in resources to help break through limitations and promote personal and organizational renewal.

A culture of tolerance, mutual support, professional ethics, and personal responsibility characterize the core values of Pinkas Group.

Access to the World of Data

Geospatial technology can now be found everywhere and has experienced huge advances in the technology. Our distinct advantage is presenting  data and information in real time.

Processing and viewing information is performed on a variety of systems using 3D GIS & BIM technology that allow for an integrated connection between planning and implementation.

The result is a streamlining of work processes and creating new opportunities in the competitive business world.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Air, Land, Water

The group develops and accesses technologies to collect and analyze 3D data from air, land, and sea.

Our Clients

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